February 8, 2018April 18, 2019

Help for the Cats Needing Dental Care

Help for the Cats Needing  Dental  Care

$ 8000

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$ 8000 to go
Whiskers Rescues a high number of cats having major to severe dental issues.  This puts them at risk of euthanasia in our shelters. Many of these cats are seniors but we also have severe cases that are much younger such as dermatitis, reabsorbative root lesions and gum disease. Our dentals range from $250-$350 per case

The majority of animals we take, many being seniors have lived their life being neglected basic dental care, some of them never receiving any veterinary care. We want to help our cats feel amazing, change their life and help these often overlooked friends find amazing homes! By donating to our dental fund you change the life of that animal forever <3