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2-4 yrs old, neutered male

Charlie is a sweet boy who has some loose marbles He was rescued from a local shelter because he had an undiagnosed neurological condition. Within a few days of being at his foster’s house, he had a grand mal seizure in the middle of the night. After thousands of dollars in tests and a stay at the animal er, it was discovered that Charlie had a large liver shunt. Cats with liver shunts are extremely rare and it is even more rare to find cats who have survived a long time with it. The years of the toxins building up in his brain have given him permanent brain damage but Charlie is the quirkiest funniest cat you will ever meet!

Charlie had surgery at Best Friends in Kanab and has had no more seizures! He is no longer on any medications only a liver supplement and prescription food. His blood levels have been tested multiple times and his body has done a great job at recovering!

Charlie will need special long term care with yearly visits to the vet for his checkup as well as to check his liver values, and he will always need to stay on his prescription food and his supplements are helpful for his long term health, but he shouldn’t need any further surgeries. Charlie must be inside only because he can’t move like a “normal” cat. He does have a silly gait when he runs, and he can jump short distances, but he doesn’t climb anything vertically and he can’t jump high, and his balance isn’t like other cats. He is very thoughtful in everything he does, and often stares at things before taking action. He loves to bite other cats and we’ve never quite figured out if he’s a jerk or just trying to play. LOL He doesn’t draw blood, but the other cats really don’t appreciate it, however it’s super easy for them to get away, and Charlie never growls at them or continues to fight. If they turn on him, he runs away.

Charlie needs to find a very special home to go to. We’re not sure how old Charlie is due to his condition affecting his whole body condition, but he’s probably only a few years old. He also doesn’t do the best job at grooming his own coat, so he will need to be brushed to keep the mats at bay. Charlie loves to be by his people and will follow his foster mom around and into different rooms, and he tolerates being picked up and petted well, but he doesn’t spend a lot of time on laps and he only purrs occasionally (probably due to how his brain has been affected), but make no mistake, Charlie is a loving cat who loves adventures. He goes out in his fosters back yard with her because it is fully fenced with a solid 7’ fence that he can’t get out, but at the sanctuary where his surgery took place, they were taking him out on walks with a leash and said he loved that.

Please let us know if you think you’re that special hooman Charlie needs!

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