Cole T. Festicat

Cole T. Festicat

About Me

Mr Cole T Festicat

Festicat is the sweetest big guy. He is fantastic with other friendly cats, super playful and all around super social guy.

Festicat is FIV+ though he is not symptomatic, he is actually very healthy. We recently did a dental and he had ony mild tarter and 2 extractions! We estimate him to be 3-5 years old. FIV is spread through deep bites (consistent with mating) and mating not through casual contact. he can live with non-positive cats as long as everyone gets along! He LOVES his cat friends

Festicat is very sweet and gorgeous, likely a Maine Coon mix. He needs a family who will love him and keep him healthy by feeding him good quality food & being able to do health exams/vet care as needed. Though at this time we have completed all his medical care and he is one healthy boy

Want to Adopt me?

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