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Meet Ezra!!

approximately 8-10 years old

This happy guy is absolutely one of the biggest love bugs ever ❤
Ezra is FIV+ though he is not symptomatic, he is actually very healthy. We recently did a dental and he had ony mild tarter and a few extractions. This boy had to survive on his own for a long time, un neutered so he was fighting for territory and the ladies, that is likely how he contracted FIV. He certainly is a ladies man ❤️ Ezra deserves the BEST home and to be spolied rotten ❤ Ezra doesn’t have a mean bone in him.

FIV is spread through deep bites (consistent with mating) and is not through casual contact. Ezra can live with non-positive cats as long as everyone gets along! He LOVES his cat friends ❤

Ezra is like a huge silly kitten, he is playful and so darn cute! Ezra needs a family who will love him and keep him healthy by feeding him good quality food & being able to do health exams/vet care as needed. ❤ Though at this time we have completed all his medical care and he is one healthy boy.

Want to Adopt me?

If you are interested in meeting Ezra please submit your adoption application here:
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If you have questions or need to other details on this kid please email info@whiskersutah.org
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