These boys are about a year old and are BFF’s! Both boys are mild CH Cerebellar Hypoplasia is not contagious, or painful. It affects thier balance, they both high steps and it is pretty darn cute!

Thier silly antics are quite entertaining. Both boys are very high functioning, they jump, run, play, Hamlet walks on a leash beautifully…Weebles is less convinved this is a good idea LOL both boys use the litter box perfectly. These best buddies are high energy and need a special family that will keep him safe!
These boys helpeach other navigate the world and Hamlet has helped Weebles alot!

We are looking for a special family to love them, the boys are great with cat savvy dogs too… oher cats dont really know what to think of them.

For more information please message us!

If you are interested in meeting Hamlet & Weebles please submit your adoption application here:
This is the first step in the adoption process and once we receive your application we will contact you!
If you have questions or need to other details on this kid please email info@whiskersutah.org
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