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Meet Helios!

Approximatley 2-3 year old Manx

This adorable boy came to us as an owner surrender. We were told he had severe food guarding issues… Helios is a completely normal cat who was being fed on a dog feeding schedule. Cats are graisers and this is an important part of thier species! This poor boy was hungry all the time competeing with a dog for food!

Helios will growl in a new setting when eating, he really is like a big kitten protecting what is valuable but you can take away the food without issue-no agression or reacting. Helios is just a big baby, likely a bottle baby, he likes to nurse on blankets LOL (someone tell him he;s to big for that)

Helios is beautiful and sweet, he desreves a cat savvy human who will help him feel safe, be able to free feed and not have to constantly feel like he is in survival mode

Helios has had ZERO issues with us. Helios is sweet and playful. Helios eats both wet and dry food

Want to Adopt me?

If you are interested in meeting Helios please submit your adoption application here:
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If you have questions or need to other details on this kid please email info@whiskersutah.org
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