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Meet JOJIN – a purebred oriental shorthair!

AKA Chimichango

Jojin is 4 years old, front declawed and is a bonded friend to Loki. (reguired to be adopted together)

This boy is very playful, high energy but less EXTRA than his BFF, Loki. Jojin is a big love bug who trill and chirps when he is happy. The boys need a human or family that will have plently of time to give them the attention they need playing and loving them. Loki hisses at most cats but not his BFF, they play and Jojin will look for him when he is not in sight. ) Jojin does have a tendency to over eat and may need to be fed away from Loki so he doesn’t eat all his food.

Jojin came to us with horrible breath, he needed a dental which we have done. We completed his dental, bloodwork and health exam. Jojin does eat wet & dry. Jojin will also do well on the Instinct raw as well as a high protein kibble.

These boys will require a home check prior to adoption to ensure a proper environment. Their fee is higher than normal due to the breed & medical expenses
. Oriental shorthairs are typically $600-$1000 per cat. We will adopt the pair for $500- please only serious inquires submit an application

Want to Adopt me and Loki?

If you are interested in meeting Jojin & Loki please submit your adoption application here:
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If you have questions or need to other details on this kid please email
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