ASSISTED LIVING CAT 10-12 years old

Phenious is absolutely a tender, sweet soul.We wish he could tell us what he has been through. Phenious has blossomed with us!

Phenious is all four declawed, he has an old break on his front right paw that healed wrong and shortened the tendon, that doesnt stop him from running, jumping and finally playing!

Phenious requires a gentle home and a monthly Adequin injection to keep him feeling well. Phenious needs to be pampered,he needs lots of loves, lap time and good quality food. Phenious eats both canned and dry. Phenious is a really good boy, he deserves someone who adores his sweet hugs as much as we do

His perscription will be provided and we will teach an approved adoptor how to do his monthly shot OR we would be willing to come visit and do this monthly (because we LOVE him)
Phenious has great bloodwork, FIV/FELV neg too. Please let us know if your that special human!

If you are interested in meeting Phenious please submit your adoption application here:
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If you have questions or need to other details on this kid please email
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