About Me

Princess is a beautiful calm, older Persian cat. She appreciates a quiet space and is good with all manner of children and pets who treat her nicely and gently.

Princess is very sweet and loves to hang out in your lap and be petted. She loves to greet her humans when they arrive home and also enjoys taking long naps and spending time in a cozy warm spot, looking out the window. She has a beautiful soul and brings positive energy to those around her.

Princess is a senior cat who needs the supplement – Dasaquin daily, for her 4 declawed paws, her blood work showed her health is great! She is a special needs kitty in relation to using a litter box, she uses puppy pads faithfully due to being all 4 declawed. Princess also has feline idiopathic cystitis, and she receives a twice weekly injection of Attaquin and will soon be moving to once a week! We can teach you how to do this!

This means that keeping princesses water intake up is important and sometimes she will have a red or pink tint to her urine. The Attaquin and low stress helps keep her healthy!

Princess is 16 years young, is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated.

Want to Adopt me?

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