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Cindy Batchelor

Social Media Director

Cindy Batchelor is a professional blogger and social media influencer of 9 years. She created, a lifestyle blog with a unique focus on style, fashion, and beauty, as a creative outlet and fun way to to help inspire others and transform the everyday.

Cindy has been a complete shining star for Whiskers. Cindy gives her time and heart to all she does for us! Cindy has brought to the table her talent and eye for photography, doing photos and videos of many Whiskers cats. Cindy’s skill at social media, design and communications has been second to none. Cindy is always willing to lend a hand when it comes to caring for the cats, leading events or making sure our cats are seen!

Cindy is also dedicated foster and completely transforms some of our more challenged Whiskers cats. Her loves and dedication to the cats is inspiring. Cindy creates a relaxed, calm environment for our sweet friends to feel safe and let their personality shine!

We LOVE this lady!