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Whiskers relies on donations from community members to provide exceptional care for senior, special needs, and other cats in need.
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Whiskers strives to provide education to elevate the care of companion and shelter animals.

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About Us

Whiskers is a 100% volunteer-run nonprofit cat rescue. We cater to animals in the municipal shelters in Davis, Weber, and Salt Lake counties. We take animals from surrounding areas as resources & space allows. 

Whiskers is a foster-based program, meaning we do not have a brick & mortar facility. Because of this, we are always looking for foster homes! No one appreciates the love and comfort of a home the way a shelter animal does.

“As of year-end, 2021 Whiskers has forever changed the lives of 563 high-risk feline friends. We have provided medical care for countless outdoor kitties and assisted many families in keeping pets in their homes through education and resources.”

Upcoming Events


November 18th at 3 pm

Details to come for sign-up! Follow us on FaceBook or Instagram!

Get Them Home! - Pet Adoption Event

Farmington Station Petco
(120 N. Station Parkway)
Friday, Oct. 27| 5-8 PM
Saturday, Oct. 28 | 11 AM-5 PM
Farmington Station Petco
(120 N. Station Parkway)
Friday, Dec. 15 | 5-8 PM
Saturday, Dec. 16 | 11 AM-5 PM

Get Them Home! - Pet Adoption Event

Bountiful Petco (181 N 545 W)
Friday, Oct.13 | 5-8 PM
Saturday, Oct. 14 | 11 AM-5 PM
Bountiful Petco (181 N 545 W)
Friday, Nov. 10 | 5-8 PM
Saturday, Nov. 11 | 11 AM-5 PM
Bountiful Petco (181 N 545 W)
Friday, Dec. 1 | 5-8 PM
Saturday, Dec. 2 | 11 AM-5 PM

Our Friends in Forever Homes


cats adopted to forever homes



cats rescued as of 2022


in donations since 2018
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Show your love for animals—and help Whiskers cats receive the care they deserve! Your donations help provide dental care, prescription medication, and special diets to the many cats we support along their journey to their forever home! No matter the amount, 100% of your donation goes to the animals.