Cat Care

Community Cats

Looking to care for permanently outdoor (“community”) cats?

One Easy Way to Help Community Cats: Building a Winter Shelter for Community Cats

One way to help community cats when the temperatures drop is ensuring they have shelter. Rather than bringing them indoors, you can create a winter shelter that they can use outdoors. Neighborhood Cats has developed a list of ways to create several styles of shelter, or you can follow the photo instructions below. 

PLEASE NOTE: You should never place material in a shelter for winter. Cats can freeze to death, and so shelters should always be filled with straw.

A grey and pinkish cat sits on a stone pathway, staring intently at the camera with greenish blue eyes flashing.

Care for Senior Cats

Whiskers is dedicated to the lives and care of senior animals as often people do not realize that as your pet ages they do require some minor changes to ensure comfort and overall good health.


Grey Whiskers Program

Grey Whiskers is specifically designed to assist the senior cats in our program. Senior cats are often overlooked and often surrendered to our municipal shelters due to medical issues or their need for vet care, or are found abandoned. The purpose of Grey Whiskers is to bring these cats back to health by providing them the time and care they need to get healthy.

Through education and proper care, we strive to show the community how much these cats have to give! No one appreciates the comfort of a stable, loving home like a senior cat. They are gentle, loving and even like to play once they truly feel well.

More Resources for Care on Senior Cats: